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Cleaver v0.18.0


🚀 Happy New Year!!! 🎉
🚀 You can now change the app’s data directory to a custom directory.

Cleaver now allows you to change the app’s data directory - the directory where all your server info, site info, and deployments info are saved. This means, if you want, you can, for an example, point the directory to a shared folder such as Dropbox and recover the data in case you reinstalled your OS, lost your OS, or your computer just died.

You can also “exploit” this feature to be able to share Cleaver with your team members. Another way you can use this new feature is to switch between different projects. Let’s say you use Cleaver for both personal use and for your company. You can now have two different folders for each project and completely isolate them. You can then share one folder with your co-workers without worrying about “leaking” your personal projects. So many possibilities!

Cleaver helps you create servers ready for deploying your web apps with zero downtime. If you haven’t already, download Cleaver for OSX, Windows, and Linux now!

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